God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Old Faces/New Faces

Sucks to get back in touch with someone, only to leave them behind again. I mentioned finding my buddy Flinn, who I hadn't seen for something like 17 years, and turns out he lives in my town. Good to have an old friend here, and we're just starting to reconnect...just as I leave the state.

Well, what can you do? We have online contact now, so that's cool. Still, good to see him one last time. he came over, brought Get Him To The Greek (which was funny as Hell), and we ran down for BBQ to Famous Dave's, which was fuckin' fabulous.

numerauko, poor thing, has been sick for a few days, and it just sucks. I hate feeling so useless, as I want to help and take care of her (it's the Papa Bear in me, I can't help it). Hopefully, though, she's on the downhill side of it. Can't get her off of my mind...not that this is anything new, of course. ;)

Life at her place has been less than stellar. Without going into a lot of detail, people in the hose are making life suck, and they need to get some god damned common courtesy pounded into their skulls. Still, things will get a little better once school starts back up for her, at least, as she'll be out of the house more and occupied. No surprise, really, that part of me wants to drop all this crap and either get out to Virginia, or get her to come on to Wisconsin with me, but we both know that'd be a bad move, and we want to do this right. The distance sucks, but I'm looking at it as making the end result that much sweeter. I'm certainly not lessening or giving up now, dammit.

Anyway, looking forward to a long day of silence and serenity on Saturday (Di is out for the weekend). Hoping to get a lot of Jessica time in, then. Sunday, of course, looking forward to seeing a lot of you to say goodbye before I go, and just maybe getting some new tattoo work done. Might even be squeezing in a Halloween party on the 30th, dig that!
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