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Friday Pix

The final Friday Pix from Oregon...man, can't believe it. Not the end, though, the Friday Pix shall continue from the temporary headquarters of Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow, Inc. Right now, though, let's get with the celebratory farewell edition, shall we?

Lenticular clouds

You always want to remember your special day.


When bunny ears just aren't enough.

I guess they really wanted the path right there.


Looks like a scene from Twilight Zone: The Movie


Was this really such a chore?

High Five!

"What's for dinner, Mom?"

When all else fails...

Where there's a will, there's a grill.

Way to go, jackass.

Good times

Who ordered the large cup o'kitten?

Good thing you had that crane, that height was a bitch to deal with.

No, this is not an ultrasound of me at that age...but it could have been.

Man's best friend, indeed.

Oddly specific


Beautifully disturbing

Furries, eat your hearts out.

It's transport! It's a ride! It's both!

Hope your weekend is full of fun, and stay safe out there...but dammit, get out there and have fun, man. Don't fall into that trap of trick-or-treating in the middle of the day at the fuckin' mall, willya? Remember to have a good time, and that there STILL have never been any actual reported cases of razor blades in apples, etc. Save the paranoia for things that are legit...and the scary monsters.
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