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Ain't No Thang To Cut A Chicken, Triggers Clickin', Blow Off His Head But His Feet's Still Kickin'

Wow, just saw syren666 walking down the hallway...guess she got a job here, too. Cool. I put in a good word for her...not that she would remember me, but that's no biggie, felt good anyway.

Man...last day here. What a weird feeling. I mean, I'm sitting here...and I'm getting ready to start for the day, and I'm gonna work and all...but knowing that I will not be coming back except to pick up a paycheck Monday morning is just an odd feeling. This is it. I suppose Monday morning, as I leave, it'll all hit me. For now, I'm just thinking that I actually have to get through the day.

On a lighter note, gotta shout out b'day greets to robotangel! Many Happy Returns, Angel!

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