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So, I get the impression some of you want an update. It's been two weeks since I left, after all, right? What's been going on?

Not a damn thing.

See, I was sick before I left Portland. I thought I was over that, and then got a sore throat on top of it. That didn't kick in hardcore until I got here, thankfully, but it then proceeded to go "whoops upside the head" on me. That lasted a good week and a half, leading up until, oh, now. In the meantime, I've been playing a lot of WoW and spending as much time on Skype with numerauko as I can. The separation sucks donkey balls, but it could be worse, at least we have the vocal and text contact, and we're close enough to possibly arrange visits in the future. Of course, I need to get to working and we need to see when her school breaks are, etc.

Let's talk work. Well, nothing to say there, as I'm not doing it. So far, nothing panned out form Dad's trucking industry contacts. no surprise, as that's a lot of union work and not high turn-over. As for my uncle's connections as Rust-Oleum? I got the word on what they could hire for, and I'm not nearly qualified for any of it. Not really a viable option, there. There was always the offer I got from geekers about pimping me to her contracting company, but almost a week has gone by since I sent my info to her, and I haven't heard a peep, not even that she received it. I wanted to wait on that before I got some low-end job, just in case, as I didn't want to be the kind of person that took a job and then turned around and immediately left it for greener pastures, but I think I better just write that off. So, next week, guess I'll see what I can stir up. Like I think I said earlier, it may not be glamorous working for Home Depot or Wal-Mart, but it's a paycheck, and there's at least a chance I could transfer to another store somewhere else, if I chose to move.

So, moving. I had said I could work here a couple years and then go elsewhere, or I could stay, we'd see. Well, i can't say much about the area, as I haven't had a chance to get out and see it, but I get the feeling it's a little rustic for my tastes. Again, too early to tell, but so far, doesn't feel like my kinda place. Perhaps a more metropolitan area, I could deal with, but i did get quite accustomed to the PacNW. Not sure where, though. Seattle was to pretentiously counter-culture for me, and Portland, while nice, but too hip. Starting to think somewhere like Spokane might be a great fit for me. I dunno, it's too early to think about that kind of thing. Right now, I just want to work, get paid, get my own place, and get numerauko here with me.

As for my living situation? Christ, as if I needed any more incentive to make a life for myself elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, my Dad stepped up for me here and continues to do so, and I'm grateful. Still, this place is nothing like a home to me. The place is immaculate, it feels like no one lives in it. I fear for messing up anything, and I feel like I'm being watched and judged. Maybe that's paranoia, but there it is. I'm surrounded by the Religious Right of America's Heartland, and it's damn near painful. Meanwhile, I'm in a basement with nothing around me that's mine but my computer, the closest person I care about is a thousand miles away, and I feel utterly alone and disconnected. I think I knew it would be like this, but it's rough, regardless. (Side note: I'm spoiled by my own cooking. Kay is a good cook, but I can't help but think "I can do better!")

By the way, I'm still no fan of phone chit-chat. No offense to anyone. IM me.

It's Friday night, and if I were home, I'd be watching a movie, hanging with friends, or gaming. At the very least, I'd be comfortable and relaxed, perhaps with a bottle of something alcoholic, enjoying my time. Instead I'm in an uncomfortable chair at a too-high counter in a fucked-up town in a backwoods state with no tether. I'm annoyed with some things and some people, and I don't feel like going into that in public. It matters little.

I'm not nearly as bad as this makes me sound, it's just the truth of the situation. Can't fight what I can't define, right? On the upside, I'm losing weight, and just about to break 270 for the first time in a long time. That's fucking fab.
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