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numerauko's brother and his girl headed back up to Canada for a few days (brother's girl is Canadian, have I mentioned that?). Once her mom left for work (she works nights, have I mentioned that, either?), we were in the glorious position of having the house to ourselves for the night. Needless to say, it was a wonderfully quiet, relaxed, and stress-free night, and we took full advantage of it. Even with her insomnia kicking in, things were nice. I passed out for a while, we gave up and got up around 3am. I napped while she showered, and around 4am we crawled back into bed and caught a couple hours of sleep.

She promised a friend she'd accompany her to court this morning, as she has the first hearing in a custody battle with the guy she's splitting up with. Originally, she was gonna hang out all day, however I don't expect her to be gone long as plans changed. I'm fairly sure we'll get some mid-day sleep in, but that's OK, as she's free to ditch class tonight. Plus, we're expecting some possible snow storms tonight, and it'd be better to not be out in it.

Another night to ourselves, and our vacation starts tomorrow. This week is turning out to be pretty damn keen.
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