God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Our weekend away was pretty nice. It had it's ups'n'downs, but it was good, overall.

Friday, midday, Jessica made me some brownies with peanut butter chips (hee!) and off we went. We stopped by the store for some room munchies and went to check in. now, this was a nice place, one of the Omni Hotels system, and they gave us excellent service. Check-in was smooth and fast, we were able to switch our room to one on the corner of the building (less shared walls!), and had no problem. The room had a comfy king-sized bed and a couch, even had a little fridge for our food and soda. It was a little creepy, though, all the amenities. In there bathroom, there were even 2 little individual things of cotton balls and 2 tiny individual packs of q-tips. I would have taken pix, but I didn't take my camera.

We settled in and decided to go get an early dinner. There's a Japanese place that she likes, so we went there. Good food, fun times, but when we went to leave, our card was declined. The long and short of it was that we had not taken into account the hotel doing it's authorization charge (which includes a nice chunk for room incidentals that they give back if you don't use, but, damn, that's annoying). She got her mom's card and came back to handle it all while I sat there and waited so they didn't think we were running out on them. Fun, yeah, you betta b'lieve. In the end, no big deal. The rest of the night was spent in glorious relaxation. No yapping dogs. No loud, crass housemates. No smell of cigarette smoke. No snarky comments. No listening ears. Man, it was nice to just relax...and, uh, other things.

Saturday, we slept in and then had a bed picnic with our provisions. A big sandwich, some bagels and cream cheese, soda, carrots and asparagus with some asiago peppercorn dressing to dip them in...yummy. We finally decided to get dressed and head out for a bit. There's a bridge not far from the house that she likes, and we headed out that way. The air was cold and there was residual snow on the ground, but the ducks were unconcerned and paddled around. One of them was huge, and we made snarky references about the Alpha Pimp Duck. Felt good to just walk around, but the cold got to us and we retreated to our warm hotel.

Most of the rest of the day was like the night before. Unfortunately, the smell of the hotel cleaning got to Jessica and gave her a hellacious headache. The day was slow past that, but we got though it just fine. Long night, though. between being an unfamiliar bed and the pain, she didn't get much sleep, and I was determined to stay up and watch over her. I faded in and out, but eventually she went down for good, and I followed.

Sunday, we decided to go ahead and get out. Check out was even faster and smoother than getting in, in fact, our room bill was hanging on our door and was already paid and done. We came on home and mostly just bummed around. She wasn't feeling great and I was so tired I was dragging, but i knew that if i went to sleep, I'd be awake all night. We caught up with online stuff and got in some Warcraft time, calling it an early night.

In the end, yeah, it wasn't all we'd hoped, but at the same time, it was, in that it was time way from everyone here, away from the stresses of the house, and uninterrupted time together. Good stuff.
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