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UPS just delivered an envelope to me. Express envelope, "extremely urgent", to me at this address. No sender info, just UPS. Curious, i open it, and inside, find this:

It seems to be a sticker, but is actually more of a window cling type thing. Nothing else. No letter, no receipt, no explanation, no clue who it's from or why it's urgent. 'Da Hell? So, curious, I get hold of UPS. After some phone hilarity, I get out of the representative that the package is from Sprint.

SPRINT?!? Why in the Hell would they be sending me anything, and how do they have my address out in VA? OK, this is officially weird. Time to call Sprint. Screw around until I find their number, fight their phone tree for a human (BTW: GetHuman.com might be one of the greatest websites to have bookmarked, EVER), and get through. As I'm trying to describe my situation, I'm looking at the thing and part of it clicks: right there, on the edge, is a Google Chrome logo, and it all falls into place: I did a survey for Chrome that told me I'd get a laptop sticker from them. This has to be it.

A simple insert would have cleared this up, guys. Just sayin'.
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