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Friday Pix

Not quite the last Friday Pix of the year, but the last before Xmas! Right, whatever, let's get it on.

Sun and Dust


Horsey-back ride

The choice of name can make or break a band...

...or sometimes the choice of look.

Preparing your child for the workforce

American original...made in India. But originally American!

Takes a lot of balls to go to that event. Oh, come on, gimme a break.

The family that plays together...

Express yourself in your art.

Big reptile playing guitar for a toddler. One more image to knock off your "I'll probably never see this" list.

Hitching a ride and looking non-plussed

Put the plug on your keychain, and no one will ever steal your coffee mug again.

Must have been a helluva party.

Nothing I can say will be funnier than the picture itself.

Smoking. Don't let your cat start.

Get the feeling you might have forgotten something?


The upstairs apartment is generally left alone.


Should NOT have taken that left turn.


Have a great Xmas, everyone!
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