God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

R.I.P. Gerry Rafferty

The Scottish singer-songwriter has died at the age of 63 after suffering from a long illness. A cause of death wasn't given. Gerry Rafferty will be best remembered for two tracks from the 1970s: the saxophone-fueled "Baker Street" and "Stuck in the Middle With You," which he recorded while in the band Stealers Wheel.

"Baker Street" has always been one of my favorites, which is funny when you realize that I had no idea who did the song for a long time. It was one of those songs that got played on the radio constantly, but I never heard a DJ say who it was. it was crazy. Then, one night, I was sitting in a Schlotzsky's Deli with syrinakintari, eating a pastrami Reuben on dark rye, when it came on the radio. I lamented aloud at still not knowing who it was (it was late and we were the only ones in there). Not long after the song was over, I hear someone from the counter call out to me, and tell me that they just called the station and that it was by Gerry Rafferty; now THAT'S service for ya. Next door was a huge music store, and i dropped my sandwich and went for it, leaving Emily sitting there, giggling. By the time she finished and came over with the remains of my dinner, I had found Rafferty's City to City album.
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