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Yesterday, the power went out. Annoyingly enough, this was while I was logged in to WoW and working on my interface, so once the power came back, a coupe minutes later, I had to start over again. Now, this wasn't the usual. When it was cold, we knocked a breaker out constantly; between our room with the fans and computers and TV stuff and their room with TV stuff and radios and a space heater, yeah, the circuit was overloaded. This time, though, it was the whole 'hood.

Couple minutes later, power's back. All good. Later in the night, I went to cook diner for Jessica and myself, as she was on her way home. Halfway through cooking the chicken, power goes out. Electric stove, now not so useful. he gets home, tired, and we decide we need to go to the store, get food, because we can't cook.

Sandwich makings in hand, we get back to a house with power. Of course. OK, save those, resume cooking. Get almost done...power out again. Seriously?!? Fuck you, power company. Make sandwiches, go to bed. She knocks out from exhaustion (did I mention that she's had a headache for 2 fucking weeks?), and just as I'm about to do the same...power comes on.

just more reasons to leave this house. meanwhile, looks like we have a handle on the headache. After sleeping a lot extra and the right processes and applications of steam and Neti pot, we think we've beaten the sinus goop.

Ain't life grand, sometimes? BTW, My thanks to everyone who sent holiday cards, as it was cool to get mail here. Special thanks to tattooedlady for the card from Japan (which got quite a few "oohs" and "ahs" from the family, here) and to skeletoncrew and maxomai for the woodprint nifties; I needed new bookmarks, so those were well-timed, and the Brown Jenkin is on my desk!
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