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We all know I don't watch TV. I still don't miss it. However, Jessica has 6 seasons of Oz on DVD, so we've been watching them. It wasn't anything amazing, at first, but it's sorta grown on me. I could do without the constant interruptions to give these little philosophical asides, but they're not too bad. We're somewhere in season 4.

On the flip side, several years ago her brother gave her season 2 of the new Doctor Who, the season with David Tennant as the eponymous doctor. Unfortunately, she'd asked for Season 1, and hated season 2, mostly do to said actor. Now, i was a huge Doctor Who fan, back in the day, and still am, but I've never watched any of the new series (Tom Baker forever, y'all!). Figured, why not, let's see what's what. Man, that just SUCKED. It's like they decided that the 70's show is now seen as campy and cheesy, and thus decided to make the new show deliberately campy and cheesy...and why they choose that dorky, British equivalent to Jim Carrey is beyond me. I'll give it a couple more episodes to be sure, but, damn, cannot say I'm impressed. Hope the other seasons/doctors were better than this.

Unrelated to this, I just sat down and watched all of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show again (thank you, Crackle.com!). No, I don't know why i find it so funny, but I do.
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