God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

I will probably turn off my cellphone again. It's pretty pointless to be paying $45 a month for it, when 99% of the use of it is just Jessica texting me from school at night. I talk on the phone so little, and it's not worth that cash, especially when I'm not even able to pay for it myself right now.

That leaves Skype and while that's good for now, I still can't pay for it myself, not right now. Right now, the plan is for that to go away in February, but if I can figure out how to pay for another year of it, I might do that.

So, how to get hold of me by phone/text? Well, if you're on a computer and have/get Skype, I'll still use the free service, since I like it. As for actual phone, I'll probably just make sure the important people have Jessica's phone number, and we'll share it (for as little as I use it, that'll be fine).

We'll see. Have to remember to change my WoW account to her card tonight, as I'm sure Dianna would not appreciate her card being charged for it. ;)

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