God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

"Frankly I'd like to see less sex in advertising and more freedom in private. The idea that what you do over there harms me over here, I find very disturbing. How is my happy marriage the way we have with our sexuality hurting your traditional marriage? How does the existence of gay marriage harm your traditional marriage? It doesn't make any sense. Of course gays should marry; they should be as unhappy as the rest of us, as one comedian put it. A good marriage takes work. This is what I don't get about certain feminists. Actions hurt people. Thoughts don't harm people. Whatever you're thinking about me right now doesn't harm me.


I never could buy what she [Andrea Dworkin] said. Early feminists went to Arabia and said how nice the burkha was ‘cause it took off the pressure of the male gaze. For them, male desire was also desire to harm. You’re conquesting us, penetrating us, conquering us! I thought we were having fun. It goes both ways. I like it. You like it. I objectify women and I look at them and I desire them without having any desire to harm so I knew from my own experience that I could objectify and not wish to harm."
-- Nina Hartley
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