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Friday Pix

Yes, even damaged, I'm still not gonna make you miss this.

This can't end well.

Your brand loyalty is impressive.

They're a colorful bunch.
So many things I could say here, most of which I shouldn't.

OK, seriously, the government needs to stay out of the bedroom.

I wanna live there, assuming I can get internet.

Ready for the weekend?


If you need me, don't look here...'cause that's where I'm relaxing.

"It's my life, Mom, I'll live it my way!"

Testing the waters

No one understood their love, so they went to find a place they'd be accepted.

Sure that's enough postage to get her where she's going?

*sigh* Japan...

There can be only one.

Ultimate treehouse

I want a remote-controlled Dalek, so I can terrorize the chihuahuas.

Yes, butterflies do grow on trees.

Great idea, Bob.

After many years shilling for insurance companies, the gecko went on a bender to see how the other half lives.

Now you can be a creepy stalker without ever leaving your home!

Oh, shit.

Well, at least his priorities are good, the baby's on top.

"The power of Christ compels you!"

Your delivery arrived, good thing you got it Express Air.


Have a great weekend!
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