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So, leaving it up for the weekend, it's time to look at the results.

Interesting point: none of the words I chose for myself weren't also chosen by others. I didn't claim anything that others didn't agree with. This tells me I have a realistic view of myself, to some extent.

On the "johari"/positive side, how did I measure up? 22 people responded. Top 5 responses: "intelligent" (12), "trustworthy" (11), "caring" (9), "dependable" (7) and, most interestingly, "complex" (7). I'm glad to see qualities here that I feel are important, and glad to see them seen by others.

On the "nohari"/negative side, 18 people responded. Top responses (some ties): "cynical" and "brash" (8 each), "chaotic" and "loud" (6 each), "smug", "impatient", and "self-satisfied" (5 each). I can't argue with most of this, although I do consider myself a very patient person, so the perception of "impatient" stings, a little.

A couple of surprises, sure. On the positive side, I didn't see "complex" coming in so high. I don't think I'm all that difficult or deep. On the negative side, "unhappy" and "distant" came in with 4 each, and "withdrawn" had 3. On the contrary, I'm a happy guy and I like to stay that way as much as I can. However, this may also be due to the "journal factor": most of the respondents really only know me online or from this LJ, I'm guessing. This would mean they have a different perception from those that know me in person, see me frequently. I can easily see how I'd be seen this way, just through my LJ, especially with all that has gone on in the last 6 months or so. On top of that, I know that I can play things fairly close to the vest sometimes, not talking about what's going on or revealing a lot to anyone, or only to a couple of very specific people. Funny, really, when you consider how much I counsel people to communicate more.

On each side, I chose to ignore answers with only one response. I know this is only a small sample, but still, if only one person sees it, then it's not exactly shining through. This also brings in the factor of context to perception: if only one person sees something, then I'm also curious as to when it was that they formed that perception that no one else did. Was there some circumstance that caused me to act in a manner that I do not normally act (for either good or ill)? Why was it strong enough that they feel it was worthy of being one of the 5 words? Another factor is that of semantics. Some of these terms have very similar meanings; perhaps they felt the nuance of that specific word was better than another. A third consideration is that more than one person felt that the words given did not express their perception of me and they were then forced to choose responses they did not particularly feel fit, due to the parameters of the exercise. Maybe some of those phrases are simply the lesser of two evils. In the end, I felt it was fair to drop the lowest responses and focus on those that the group agreed on.

All in all, an interesting exercise.

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