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Friday Pix

You know what i never get tired of? Giving people a smile on Fridays. Just sayin'. Without further ado, time for the Friday Pix!

Snow does nifty things, sometimes.

Agent Double-Oh-FiveYearsOld

Baby giraffe

When you're The Prez, you can get away with a lot.

Healthy, schmealthy. Sometimes, you need a Crunchwrap.

Get your garden views where you can.

Pregnancy does not mean you have to give up your lifestyle.

The lion approves.

Admit it, you'll be checking out your pencil more closely all week, won't you?

Samurai Fast Food Showdown

Ma'am, I think you might have missed the point.

Sometimes, you have to improvise.

"I'm da Jugguhnawt, bitch!"

"Touching stardom" has a whole new meaning.

Look, finally found a good use for those Mac laptops.
Alternate caption: Look, good Mac support.

Best Mac laptop case sticker ever.

Um...I got nothing. Go on, you caption this one.

That's mankind for ya. Not only carves right into the middle of the woods for cookie-cutter housing, but does it in a penile shape.

Oh, shit.

C'mon, she's trying to thank you for your efforts.

Yes, that's a working NES system, housed in a NES cartridge. You never really think about how much of your electronic items is empty space.

Have a great weekend!
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