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Science: It Works, Bitches!

I'll get to the Friday pix in a few minutes, but I had to post this first:

Quantum Leap: Bits of Light Teleported to Another Place

Now, don't go getting too excited or snarky just yet, this is a tiny thing. We won't be pulling a "beam me up" any time soon. However, this IS a huge deal, in that it actually happened and worked.

Scientists and researchers led by Noriyuki Lee of the University of Tokyo announced they've been able to teleport special bits of light from one place to another. Lee and his team accomplished this by linking a packet of light to one half of a pair of entangled particles. They then destroyed the light and the particle it was linked to, leaving only the lone particle of the entangled pair. The remaining particle retains the link with its entangled partner, though, including information about the light, which enabled the researchers to rebuild the light in the exact configuration at the other location.

If you have any love of quantum mechanics, read the rest of this article, it's damn fascinating. If you don't, well, try to read it anyway. I love it when science-fiction becomes science.
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