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Friday Pix

Man, is it Friday again already? How the Hell did that happen?

Some businesses are looking for a specific reaction.

Cats simply don't care.

Impressive. Now go cut that nasty thing off.

Aww, so little his collar doesn't fit.

Someone punched in their PIN a little too roughly.

Yes, yes you are.

1980 Citroën Karin. A concept car that looked like something out of the Buck Rogers TV show.

Sleepy monkey family

Gate's working great, boys.

Tiny monkey!

Had a bit to drink last night, I see.

You gotta be careful when trying to open those bags.

Screw cleaning, just burn the place down.

Careful placement paid off.

Some of those after-market accessories are just silly.

I've heard of "shoot the moon", but not from the free-throw line.

Sleepy monkey human family

Looks like someone got a pic at one of my cook-outs. Oh, wait, no booze, never mind.

The easy way to slice up your kids for salads or snack trays.

Even Supergirl needs her Daddy.

Proof that you need to slow down on the drinking.

Looks like a unicorn threw up.

Buy 50 and get a free slacker with this special package deal!

Reservoir Penguins

Now THAT'S tired.

Have a great weekend!
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