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Warcraft Milestones

This won't mean anything to most of you, but my fellow WoW players should understand my happiness.

For any non-players curious: There are several holidays in the WoW world, most of which correspond to real holidays. For eight of those holidays, there are achievements one can earn, and if all of them are earned, a special title is awarded that can be placed on your character at any time. If, over the course of the year, one were to earn all of those titles, there is a further award, congratulating you on getting them all...and the award is the Violet Proto-Drake mount, a draconic flyer of a distinctive hue. As you can guess, if one were to miss part of a title, one would have to wait a year for the holiday to come around again.

This week is "Children's Week" (likely based off of Japan's 'Children's Day' which is held in May), where you can stop in at your local orphanage, pick up an orphan, and take them to exotic locales around the world, giving a small child the time of his life. It's silly fun and a tad heartwarming. Some of the things you need to accomplish for the title of Patron or Matron are a bit weird. One of them involves buying several types of candy and sweets and eating them in front of your orphan...mean! Another involves defeating a particular high-level dungeon boss with them present...dangerous! The worst part, though, is a set of four things that have to be done in player-versus-player battle zones (assaulting towers, capturing flags and running them to a base, etc.). Needless to say, this is a pain in the butt, as there are many more players who don't care about this than who do, and who will happily go out of their way to make sure you don't get them done. I skipped that particular achievement last year ("School of Hard Knocks") because I don't like PvP. This year, though, it was the only thing I needed, the final obstacle between me and the end.

Luckily, by jumping on it fairly quick, the battlegrounds were full of people wanting to get it done, and so we helped each other out where we could. We even helped the other faction, trading flag captures back and forth, etc. In the end, I earned "School of Hard Knocks" in a couple of hours...and earning that was the last thing I needed to earn "For The Children" and gain my 'Patron' title...and that was the final thing I needed to earn "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been", awarding me the long-sought mount.

Yeah, I'm happy.

EDIT: Since someone asked, those holidays are:
Lunar Festival: corresponds to the Chinese Lunar New Year. In addition to setting off firecrackers and fireworks, players travel around the world to find and visit Elders of the various races and join in the defeat of a large creature. The title of "Elder" is earned.
Love Is In The Air: corresponds to Valentine's Day. Players spread love and roses, help distribute samples of chocolates and perfume, and stop chemical apothecaries from spreading their diseases through cheap gases. "The Love Fool" title is earned.
Noblegarden: corresponds to Easter. Players hunt and open eggs in low-level starting zones, eating chocolates and gaining formal wear, as well as traveling to deserts to plant new flora and turning fellow players into rabbits. The title of "Noble" is earned.
Children's Week: already spoken of. :P
Midsummer Fire Festival: close to summer solstice. Players visit ceremonial bonfires of their faction and stamp out bonfires of the opposing faction, juggle torches, dance around ribbon poles, and join in the defeat of the mighty Frost Lord, who tries to stop it all. The title of "Flame Warden" (or "Flame Keeper") is earned.
Brewfest: corresponds to Oktoberfest. Players get drunk, race rams, hallucinate small animals (and can take them as pets!), and fight against the chief brewer of the Dark Iron Dwarves. The title of "Brewmaster" is earned.
Hallow's End: corresponds to Hallowe'en. Players can trick-or-treat the inns of the world, collect masks and candy, and stop the Headless horseman from burning the towns. The title of "the Hallowed" is earned.
Feast of Winter Veil: corresponds to Christmas. Players throw snowballs at each other, help the Smokywood Pastures company get their stock back, rescue a reindeer (and fly on one), and receive presents form Greatfather Winter. The title of "Merrymaker" is earned.

There are other holidays in the game. On New Year's Eve, there are fireworks in Booty Bay. On Pirate's Day, players can be an honorary pirate, costume and all. The Harvest Festival has players giving thanks to the world's heroes, and during Pilgrim's Bounty, players can feast on Thanksgiving-type food, make it themselves, hunt Wild Turkeys, and shoot enemy rogues with guns that cover them in feathers (and earn the "Pilgrim" title). On the Day of the Dead, players can honor the spirits of the fallen, communing with them and earning a small skeletal pet.
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