God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Workin' Man

Sunday, I got up to do the yard as normal, but the over-growing bamboo in the backyard was staring at me funny. it knew I was gonna attack it one day, and it was obviously banking on the idea that I'd procrastinate long enough as to make the job nigh-impossible. Well, I couldn't allow that to happen. So, with machete in hand, off I went.

The funny thing about bamboo is that you never get rid of it. it spreads too fast and it's roots run too far and too deep to ever truly clear it. Seriously, keep it in a pot, if you feel the need. this stuff...sheesh, it's everywhere. I chopped away at it for a good hour or so, cleared all that I could, hauled it to the curb, then went after the lawn with the mower and the edger. The place looks great, and I'm glad it got done, but HOLY FUCK I am sore.

Jessica tells me that she loves seeing me do the yard, because it cinches my position of 'Man of the House', and that makes her feel good. Me, I'm just all about making her feel good. Especially right now, as we are going through yet another med change. the Lamictal just didn't do the trick and the Cymbalta was having some bad side effects. The Trazidone they gave her for sleep not only didn't help her sleep, it caused an inflammation in her knees. All in all, a pit of Suckitude. So, off the Cymbalta, back to the Prozac, and weaning off the Lamictal which means all those side effects we had ramping up are coming back. Whee, fun. At least, this week is finals for her classes, and next week starts the new mod which only has one class, and an easy one at that. Good, especially as it seems the missing libido might be returning, a bit. That makes ME feel good.
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