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I'm on a total Deadmau5 kick today. No clue why, but it's in no way a bad thing. Also, listening to a lot of dubstep lately. Also, no clue why.
Cinnamon Apple Raisin Muffins and bacon for breakfast, courtesy of HarleyMom. Damn yummy.

Bunny in the front yard

Dragged the bike out yesterday and did 3.4 miles. Not bad for the fat man. Trying to make myself do this 3 times a week, at least. Also, making a conscious effort to cut down the amount I eat. Cutting the beer out of my diet, too, as that recently made a small comeback.
Transcribing the last three stories of The King in Yellow to HTML format for my personal library of Lovecraft and related literature. Takes a little time, but isn't too bad.

Yes, they were awesome.

Catching up on the new Doctor Who series, as well as Torchwood. Not bad, but still...I understand that the new series are pre-watershed, but did they have to make the Doctors so goofy? The stories are pretty good, but the Doctors are just...cheesy. Patrick Troughton, Tom Baker, and Jon Pertwee, I miss you guys.
Tomorrow afternoon, my divorce becomes final. The day kinda crept up on me. I do kinda wish I could be there, just to keep everything level and to be civil and for the closure, but I can't. So, here's my wish and hope that it all goes fine without me.
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