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For fucks sakes....

OK, so, D got hold of me a week or so before the court date, says there's some document hat she needs to send me and can she have my address. I give it, and ask about the document, and it turns out to just be a declaration of the court date. Well, it never shows up. I let her know, and she says she'll arrange to have another sent, just for records and to keep it all legal, etc.

Today, it shows up...except, it's NOT the document in question, it's a note (sent by her, not by the process server), that is signed by the process server, claiming that I was served said document by mail...WHICH I HAVEN'T BEEN. On top of that, it claims I was served this by mail on 4-27, and what i was served was a document dated 5-12. Wanna tell me how you served me this two weeks before it was dated?

Is it just me? Is there some reason this wasn't just done by certified mail in the first place? Is it so fucking hard?
Tags: divorce

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