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Friday Pix

Man, this has been a rough week. Good to see Friday get here, huh? Let's get to the Pix!

Lightning strikes a plane in flight. Happens more than you'd think.

'Nuff said

What, is it some kind of tradition to toss your bike in here? There's a lot of them dragged out...

Try the other direction, Sparky.

You know you want some....and there's plenty to go around.

Always check your face after a party, especially if you have to work the next day.

This week's "Who's A Douchebag?" entry

Or you could, you know, get a job.

I predict you will get no business.

He really does not want a bath.


Must not have been a good thing. On a separate note, Michelle usually looks damn good but, that necklace...no.


Trying to keep cool

I bet they make good BBQ

"OK, gimme fierce...gimme tough. Show me whatcha got!"

That cat is planning vengeance for tonight.

If you need me, I'll be here.

What do you think, 8, 10 feet?

Somehow, you just know the owner is mid-50's, fat, sweaty, and living at his Mom's.


I'm glad to see Dad supporting his daughter's lifestyle choice, even if different from his own.

When I lived in Jacksonville, FL, we had a huge tree out back that had wisteria growing on it. The vines wound up the tree like tentacles strangling it, and in the summer, the blooms attracted tons of insects. Funny, at the time, it just seemed like an odd tree and flowers, but I can look back and see the first inklings of my love for creepy things.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Spare me a thought if you get a free minute, as my present stress isn't over yet.

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