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Graphic Work

I just spent near to three hours making a tri-fold brochure for a medical office. "IFMS: Innsmouth Family Medical Services." The best part is that apart from a couple of names and one small, silly reference, it looks completely legit, right down to the street maps. Printed out on card stock, I have to say, it's pretty damn swank.

FrontFirst Fold (Services)

Yes, the services page has a letter cut-off and the outside borders got cut off, too. Such is the pain of doing this on a home printer. (EDIT: I went back and resized slightly and re-printed it.) Still, for doing it all by hand, etc., I'm pretty happy with it. This was for a school project Jessica has, incidentally. Hopefully, getting my feet wet again will get me motivated to do a couple of design bits for friends that I have slacked off on doing.

And you people wonder what I get up to in my "free time." :P

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