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Kinda let the yard go for a couple weeks, and between the extra growth and the rain we had, getting it cut yesterday was a serious chore. I overdid it, and I've been unbelievably sore for two days, now. Tore up my bad shoulder, in the bargain, so, yeah, I'm not the happiest of bears. Still have stuff to do out there, too. Whee, fun.

On a positive note, watched The King's Speech last night, and I was impressed. Firth did a great job, Rush was excellent as always, and Carter proved she can get a part and act it well and not have to be connected to the Burton/Depp monstrosity. Also, the guy playing Churchill did an admirable job of doing the character justice. Definitely recommended, if you haven't seen it.

daemonwise: tried to call you last night, left my numbers on your voicemail. I'll try again later today.

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