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24 July 2011 @ 09:04 am
Not My Field  
OK, it's time to play "Who Knows Anything About Small Engines?"

So, the mower here. A few years old, a Toro, i believe. Not kept in the best shape, but more than capable. Been using it every weekend for months. Oil is full, gas is full. Last weekend, pulled it out to mow, it started up, ran for a few minutes then conked out. Starting it up again results in it firing just fine and then dying again almost immediately, and this is repeated until i get annoyed and quit. Gave it a day of rest, tried again, same story: ran for a few minutes, died, each start since is start and die. This weekend, same thing. Replaced the air filter (thought maybe a lack of airflow was the culprit) only to have it do nothing different.

Right. Engines are not my thing. I understand how they work, but know nothing about repair and troubleshooting. Anyone with any knowledge care to take a stab at this?
Jay Bohmerjaybohmer on July 24th, 2011 02:22 pm (UTC)
How old is the gas? It may have broken down. Also, it could be dirt in the line. If you don't want to mess with it, a local small engine repair may be your best bet. A Toro dealer will be able to fix it right up, and charge you for the name. Look for some old guy that's been doing it forever you'll get a better deal, IMO.

I had a friend borrow mine & kill it completely. ran it out of oil, and then filled it back up as far as I can tell.

Good Luck