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Friday Pix

Amazing how rejuvenating it can be to talk to your best friends. It's Friday, and it's that time, baby...FriPix Time!

Chunky canine

Seriously lazy

Um....maybe a bad idea...

Enforcing the no-fly zone

Guess I'll go somewhere else, then.

Sneaky cake!

"Just hold it there, this won't take long."

Serious sunflower

Couldn't eat another bite

If you need me, I'll be here.

"What? It was in the way."

This guy gets all the chicks.

Quick, get it while it's on sale.

This is the way your birthday should go.

Between the kitten and the socks, some of you are already quivering piles of squee, I know.

That guy kicking your ass on XBoxLive? This is he.

Watching over

Times have been hard on everyone.

Gramma isn't lonely anymore


Good, junior has been jonesing for a Miller Light.

Have a great weekend!
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