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Friday Pix

Man, is it Friday already? This week seems to have slipped by. Still, if a day is gonna sneak up on ya, this is the one to do it, eh?

Um...things happened.

I know it's Wal-Mart, but come on, man...

No shit?!?


We found the source of your heartburn.

I don't think that's a Good Thing.

I can see why they had to open the door.

Blending in

The family that plays together...

It's a good idea to carefully sort your cats.


Downstairs is off-limits.

That oughtta keep him out of trouble long enough for a photo.

Hey, whatever's comfy.

Pets and owners look alike, eventually.


Sleepy Birds

Gaming protection

Hitching a ride

Taking advantage of that cable package that gets you every game takes careful planning.

Wanna date?

Tuckered out

Sportin' new kicks

I don't think that's secure.

Have a good one!
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