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Friday Pix

Another Friday, and another edition of the Pix!

Gotta get it home somehow...


Stand out

If you need me, I'll be here. Leave me alone.

They're coming to get you.

Reunions of the animal kingdom

"And next on the tour, we have the small animal that flattened a house."

Why didn't they just put the rock in the trunk?

Either a beautiful wedding pic, or a 'funny story for later' pic.

I don't care for watching poker, but I like watching Jennifer Tilly play.

Water play

Mood tile? Seriously, I'd love this shower.

Redneck ball pit

Nature carved


Starting habits young

Subtlety is funnier


Vertical garden

Life imitates art

I don't think that's what "securing your wireless" means...

Well, you get what you pay for.



Have a great weekend!
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