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Friday Pix

It's finally starting to be consistently cool weather here on the Virginia coast, and about damn time, too. So, speaking of cool, here's the Friday Pix!

Battle of the Century

True 'Angry Birds'

Hopefully preceded by the walk for Adult Literacy

OK, seriously, learn to dress for your body type.

Impressive procrastination

I think the baby says what we're all thinking.

How many of you are twitching right now?

You know, instead of an app for that, maybe there's a PAD AND PEN FOR THAT.

I never seem to catch anything this big.

Not exactly the best way to do "Take Your Child To Work Day".

The marina is closed due to unforeseen water shortage.

I bet this is a real pain to keep cool.

Nifty idea

Any port skirt in a storm.

Playing in puddles never gets old

Post-Mardi Gras clean-up

Theatre seating is so uncomfortable.

Comfy spot

Is this really the best place and time to get a bikini shot?

Amazing view.

I love this place for some odd reason.

OK, I think he has enough birds.


The family that...um...together...err...hey, a dog!

Have a great weekend!
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