God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Hmm...Yeah, Maybe Not

You know....the more I think about it, the more that yesterday's announcement of the new WoW expansion is eating at me. It just...I dunno, it's just silly and not right, for me. In the end, i think it's far enough 'out there' that it's making me face the things about WoW that I already wasn't crazy about, and the combination is enough to make me think hard about it.

I spent 4 years in City of Heroes, and I loved it. It was fun and interesting, and having Team Awesome to play with made it twice as enjoyable. As the game expanded, though, it went in directions that felt wrong for what i wanted out of it, and in the end, I said good-bye to Paragon City. It's free-to-play now and i still can't bring myself to go back, there's just no interest anymore. Even if I got back into the social crew there, the game itself has lost that immersion that I enjoyed diving into.

That is what seems to be happening, here. World of Warcraft has always had some fundamental game systems that i did not like, but i overlooked them and got into the setting, the lore, the world that was there. The social crew was missing, and though I've had an inkling of it a couple of times, it was nothing like I had in CoH. As I've played it over the last 2+ years, I've felt the occasional boredom with it here and there, and that feeling of "less fun, more grind" is already creeping in. Still, I had things that made it fun, but all of that added into the sheer apparent silliness of the coming expansion is making me change my mind.

Not to mention that fact that I'm pretty tired of adding idiotic mouth-breather fucktards to my "ignore" list. The game does seem to cater to 15-year-olds, and as I'm pushing 40, I tire of that being my play-mates.

So, what to do? Well, Jessica and i have a pair of project characters that we are still enjoying, and I'd like to see us top them out, first, just to say we did. Once that is done, though, I might let it all go. Hell, I've missed out on a ton of games over the last several years, due to my time and money going to MMOs. I might just get a good XBox or Playstation and start a GameFly account. Lord knows, there's plenty I want to play. I prefer the precision of PC gaming, but it's an attractive idea. Besides, then we could stream Netflix to it. ;)

Just thinking out loud.
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