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Good News / Bad News

Good news: heard form Jessica's career department at the school, who had a lead. Went to said lead...and she starts tomorrow. Clean facility (local free clinic), good people, friendly, excited to have her. this is quite good. Not a great area of town, but i'll be driving her to and from, so no worries for the vehicle or safety.

Right on.

Bad news: we all went out to Mama Lina's, a local Italian restaurant which we go to plenty, and which has pretty good food. Well, it used to have great food, but they changed the menu, and it suffered a little. Still, we like it. First thing, the waitress that knows us came over, and one of the first things out of her mouth was comments about not having the stuffed mushrooms (as usual...why is it even on the menu?) and no calamari. Now, this was probably supposed to be just a funny remark, since we always ask, but it came across a little bitchy. Still, we went on. her mom got the stromboli, i got spaghetti carbonara, and Jessica ordered clams. When we got them, she took one bite and balked. Way too salty, and tough, so i got the waitress's attention and had them sent back. J's tummy wasn't feeling great now, but after a bit decided to have a piece of tiramisu. Well, that didn't work out either, as waitress said it'd been out for a while, but she could give us a piece to take home (it was still frozen). OK, so, no on that. Just not J's night...we get the bill, and we're still charged for the clams. J brings this up, and we're told that the chef/owner wouldn't let her take that off the bill, that he said he hadn't put any salt on them, and that he ate them and they just "melted in his mouth". As we're expressing our disbelief that this is the way this has been handled, she turns and walks off as we're in mid-sentence.

So, we're regulars enough to be recognized as soon as we walk in the door, but you still jerked us over the $9 of clams? That was a bad move, as we all declared that it was the last time we'd come in, so that's several more $50 meals they missed out on. just not a great night.

We're gonna go cuddle up and watch Hellraiser flicks to take the curse off the night, which usually works.
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