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Friday Pix

I had some of the worst dreams last night that I've had in a while. Needless to say, I've been awake for hours, and the Friday Pix are just what I need.

That good idea you're having? Yes, hold on tight.

If you need me, i'll be here.

Great sign

Not a good sign

Baby monkey!

Well, the name is right...

I'd give him a buck, or maybe I wouldn't, just to see if he could.

Yeah, it's about time Gramma died.

"Please, let me eat this little bastard."

Deep fried iPod. Looks good to me.

Compensating much?


That says it all

Black metal kitty

Slumber parties of the domestic animal kingdom

CSI: New Zealand

Hey, everyone gets the munchies and raids the fridge from time to time.

Secret lake

Not all babies are beautiful

I admit, i want a little piglet as a pet.

They wanted to make as few trips as possible.

The wire stories must have really sucked that day.

Brain bowls

Hanging on tightly

I'd ride around on it, you bet.

Have a great weekend!
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