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For all the frustrations and things that have been difficult, I'm thankful and glad that I'm here with my lady. Are there things I wish were different? Are there things that I am not as happy about? Sure. However, those are not problems between us, those are issues we face together, and that makes all the difference. I'm a happy guy, and we're happy together.

Yesterday, I really, really missed my friends. Last year, I had just arrived here when this holiday season came around, so while I missed my crew, I was also excited about my travels and changes. This year, seeing them all gather for T'giving again, it brought it home pretty hard. There's something a little sad about knowing that things go on without you. Anyway, this isn't a plea for attention or sympathy, just saying that I miss you guys (Mike, Dusty, Andy, Niev, Sarah, Bruce, Sara, Jasso, Tara, Lacey, Kat, John, Veira, Alanna, plus all others who I saw less or had only recently met before I left but who are still damn cool...the list goes on and on).
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