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Friday Pix

Another Thanksgiving down, another Black Friday to show the greed and foolishness of Man. Take a few minutes, relax, and enjoy the Friday Pix!

Dive on in!


Life imitates art

Butterfly of Doom

When I make my Evil Lair™, I'll add this to the design.



Modern-day Kali?

Apparently, this is the best place to get a tattoo on your ass.

Chillin' with the juice

Farming in sinkhole country


Be different

"Oh my god, you gotta come up here and try this!"


Looks like she ran off and left him with the kids

No one uses those fire escape ladders, anyway.

Nightmare fuel

Morning dew

Looks like something from a pirate map

When you said "the world is mine", I kinda thought you had something more impressive in mind.


Well-trained dog


Bad planning

Well, gee, what do i do now?

Priorities, dude.

Seriously, if you're going out today, be careful and be considerate. You might be the only one doing it, but do it anyway. Better yet, stay home and shop online...or just wait a day or two. Have a great weekend!
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