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Friday Pix

December is upon us. This means I'll be making my annual birthday request, so if you know what I mean, here's your chance for a head start. Meanwhile, of course, it's Friday, and the Friday Pix are ready to rock!

Grab a friend!

Nature takes back

Flood damage

Showing off the trophy catch

Deputy Donut wants you to slow down

Relief, indeed.

Candlesticks for the geek in your life

I hear some of you got some snow?

Jabba the Hutt-cakes

"Thank you for buying the new F/A-18 Hornet. With proper care, it will provide you with many years of worry-free flight. Refer to Chapter 11 for warranty information..."

I see Microsoft still is more popular than Linux...

Most Stylish Kid, 2011
I want to believe this is what daemonwise was like as a toddler

Redneck manger

When the kids holler, you gotta stop and feed them

Well, that's one way to stay both fashionable and still functional

This cat is not happy about the outfit

"Can you hear me now?"

The gang's all here

I have no idea what's going on, here.

In later years, when someone tells her about a 'huge case of crabs", she'll remember this moment and twitch.

Some schools do not live up to standards

Grocery trip! Grab some dairy products...

...and something to eat!

Fighting back, Occupy-style.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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