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Life, Or Something Like It

I just don't seem to update here that often. Most of the time, this is due to not having much going on to talk about, which isn't a bad thing. Still, let's see if we can't have a bit of a chat, huh?


What the Hell, weather? It's December, and temperatures here get to the 60's during the day. C'mon, cold, step up!


A couple of nights ago, I got Jessica's meds for her, and placed them on the coffee table next to her while I grabbed some water. I wasn't watching and she wasn't watching....but Daisy, the (I think) Australian Shepherd that bums around here was watching. Something let alone on the coffee table, potentially tasty? Long story short, she ate J's birth control pill and one of her Ambien. Needless to say, as we all sat around watching a movie, hilarity ensued as Daisy wandered around, stoned out of her tiny mind on Ambien. Man, it was funny. She was constantly tripping over herself and staring at things like she was seeing trails or something. She's fine, by the way.


In visual news: Miss Kathryn decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. Her daughter Thelma and Rebecca (Thelma's girlfriend) are moving to New Orleans, since Rebecca got a sweet job there. They had wanted to sell their old projection TV and buy a new flatscreen anyway, so Miss K bought it for $350, not only to help their moving costs but as a present for J and I. 32" projection, not too shabby...except that it turns out that Hitachi TVs of this type have a known issue with the light engine failing, and this was happening here, too. The whole screen was green. Turns out that this was a bit of a spendy fix. With Black Friday approaching, she poked about online and found a 46" RCA flatscreen for only $500. Needless to say, we're digging on the new TV. ;)

Connected to that, we moved the front room's TV to our room, since J';s TV was old and getting a bit dim. Better viewing in bed, huzzah.


In other visual news: with the nifty big fuck-off TV, we returned to the question of getting ourselves the XBox. After some research, etc., though, we've decided to go a different way for now. We've been looking at "streaming players", and I think we've settled on the Roku2 XS. First off, I can get it for $100, and it requires no extra to stream Netflix to it, as opposed to the XBox, where I'd have to maintain an XBox Live Gold account. Secondly, I can get a bunch of other content on it for free, and a bunch more for very low amounts. Plus, it's easier to move from room to room, if we want it in the back one day or out front the next. Later on, we will probably still get the XBox for casual gaming (and I want the Kinect for some of the exercise stuff), but I still prefer PC gaming.


In other other visual news: J decided that part of her headaches in the office was her monitor and her sitting too close to it. A bit of talking later, and we switched monitors. She likes mine better as it's not so blinding or large, and has the anti-glare coating. I like hers as it's larger (I'm doing 1920x1200 on a 24") and brighter and HD. Combine that with us switching speaker set-ups (her 6-channel was bugging her because it rattled her desk and printer, so she took my 2-channel and I took her set-up), and my machine has new life, to say the least.


I think that's about it. Jessica has some kind of sinus infection, so her headaches and pressure are a major pain in the, well, head. We're doing steam inhalation and hot compresses/heating pad in addition to the anti-biotic, so here's hoping that helps, as she's back to work this week.

And the days drone on....
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