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Hopefully, today starts a short period of relaxation.

You may remember the problems Jessica has with her original internship, where her co-worker bitches treated her like shit and didn't actually teach anything. That led to her being re-assigned...to the Community Free Clinic. You can imagine how much fun THAT place has been. On top of that, she got another sinus infection, so the headaches have been a laff riot. Just a few days ago, a new headache showed up on top of the sinus pressure, and it's been Hell.

She took a little time off to deal with the infection, and both the school and the clinic were cool about it. That turns out to be only the public face of it all. What the school was NOT aware of was the way the clinic was using her/acting. Being the free clinic, the people there are a lot of volunteers., Somehow, though, J was the only one that was assigned to do things like clean the bathrooms and wash the windows (note that she's there as a medical administrator...not janitorial). Also, being told that they are glad to have you because "now they have a white girl, so they have their diversity" isn't a shining example of being praised. Add in the fact that the free clinic tends to attract the dregs of society. For example, one person recently called her a "racist bitch" because she has an ankh on her necklace (according to the person in question, that symbol was "only for black people to wear"...look, just because Egypt is in Africa doesn't make it black heritage). The term "cunt" was used at least once another time...you get the idea.

Anyway, the school called her yesterday, saying that the clinic decided not to have her back. When she mentioned all the previously unmentioned acts of idiocy to the school, they were glad to have her out of there (as were we!). The next mod starts on the 19th, so they're letting her off the hook for this last week and a half or so to recover from the headache issues and will re-assign her then.

Meanwhile, antibiotics and steam inhalation seem to be making headway into her head, and the further headaches are easing off (we figured out what was causing them, I believe). Looks like we'll have a little time to kick back and relax with less stress before starting again. Hopefully, we can get her into a real, honest-to-Pete doctor's office this time instead of these dens of iniquity.
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