God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

B'Day Aftermath

So, birthday went pretty well. In addition to the aforementioned Watchmen set from J, J's mom got me a new beard trimmer, which I desperately needed. Old one died, and I recently trimmed up with a dog trimmer. Hey, don't knock it, it worked great. They got me a huge fudge cake and ice cream, which we're all slowly but surely working our way through.

J's sinus/headache issues finally cleared up, which made for a happy household. Due to the residual pain and my b'day being a Monday, we opted to kinda spread out the celebration. That's fine by me, as the day itself is just a day, y'know? So, Friday she's making me her amazing spaghetti, and maybe some brownies (might wait on them if we still have cake!). Meanwhile, we went out to dinner Monday night, which unfortunately did not sit well with her. Still, we've had good times and are making up for the lost moments. ;)

Thanks for all the good wishes. It's funny to see the outpouring on FB vs. here, just shows where people spend more time, I guess. Also thanks for those of you who sent me rock pix, they are loved and appreciated, as always (and special thanks for the one vid that was made for me!)
Tags: a day in the life

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