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- Approximately 3:30 this morning, half-asleep and trying to get up to hit the restroom. I managed to knock my elbow into Jessica's head. Needless to say, it woke her up with more than a little pain and unhappiness. I held her until she was asleep again, did my thing, and came back to bed, but basically haven't slept since then. So, yeah, my mood today isn't the best. What dreams I had only served to make it worse. Feeling like a big, clumsy fuckin' oaf.

- Slipping a little with the bike/weights thing, but mostly keeping to my schedule. I lost some weight, gained it back with a bad weekend, and have slowly been trying to get back to where I was. 285 weigh-in today, not too shabby. Just gotta keep it up.

- Made bacon and cheese croquettes last night, first time ever. Not to bad for a first try, they were tasty. Only a couple mistakes, and nothing earth-shattering.

- J is finally starting to feel better. The sickness that has plagued her for weeks seems to be letting up, and that's helping the headache. Here's hoping.
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