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Started the day off by adding my own letters of protest regarding SOPA and PIPA to both the VA and WA senators/congressmen. As much of an inconvenience as it might be, I support those sites that have gone dark for the day, and I urge you to do the same. Further, I'd urge you to treat others the same way if at all possible, especially any that would be prime targets. I realize you may not want to go a whole day without the banal minutiae that is Facebook, but let's be honest, that's a prime target.

Fuck this overreaching and intrusive type of bill. As one site put it, this is like planting dynamite under the bridge in order to stop thieves getting away,a nd then handing the trigger to someone who hates cars. Another site likened it to hunting down a lion that escaped a zoo by using a flamethrower on kittens. MPAA and RIAA are not going to stop until they get something they want, but that doesn't mean we should allow them to get this kind of power.

End Piracy, Not Liberty

SOPA Countdown
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