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Friday Pix

As far as a boffo intro this week, I've got nothing. So, to Hell with it,, let's just get to the Friday Pix!

Exercise at dawn

This little piggy has got it made.

I could easily disappear there.



Maybe dog-walking isn't your thing.


This looks like a cool place, but I bet it's very expensive.

The zoo decided that the animals should work to defray some of the costs of the place.

Haters gonna hate

Just because you are on public transportation, that's no excuse for looking uncivilized.


Not only can you not pull up straight, you are on the wrong side...and did this. Congrats to Dumbass of the Week.

Now THAT'S a gift basket


Hey, the TV needed some air, the walk did him good.

There comes a point where it's not worth fighting any further

Stop with the duck lips, stop with the insane need to document your minutiae, and stop making a damn mess that you aren't gonna clean up.

Be like Dad

Flooding is no excuse to let the lawn go

Notice hos some dogs and owners look alike after a while?

Well, that took talent.

You go, Gramma!

I want this place, too

Glad for ya

Have a safe and happy weekend!
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