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OK, it's official...I think I have seriously fucked up my shoulder.

Years and years ago, I bounced too high on a trampoline, missed a landing, and hit the ground, hard enough to knock my right shoulder out of joint. Since that time, it has occasionally popped back out, if hit hard enough and in the right area, and I could always put it back (painfully!). But that shoulder has never been fully OK; sometimes it just hurts, the joint pops if rotated fully, etc.

Well, lately, it has been acting up even worse, and moving all these boxes, etc., hasn't helped any. It's in constant and serious pain, no matter how it is moved or even WHETHER it's moved or not. Not cool, considering it's my stronger arm.

Another reason I need to find a job, and soon...so I can get back on insurance and have it checked. Fuck.

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