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Picasa updated their software, and now, instead of having a button for "Share to Picasa Web Album", it's "Share to Google+ Album". This should be pretty minor, since they are effectively the same thing, but when I upload and use the controls to go to the online album so I can grab the picture URLs, it takes me to the hip-layout G+ album instead of the functional-layout Picasa album, where there are controls for picture handling as opposed to just nifty expanding-photo uselessness. This means an extra step where I have to go to Picasa's URL, find the new album, and THEN get to the spot I wanted. There does not seem to be anyway to specify to Picasa that I want to go to the actual Picasa album page and not the G+ one.

I consider this not only an unnecessary change, but a bad design one, especially since it was done without warning. This is NOT what I usually get from Google, and Picasa is still my best choice for storage and ease of use/sharing. Just...annoying.
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