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Friday Pix

LJ had a code update, recently. Most of it was bugfixes, which is good, but one change I'm not crazy about is in the LJ-Cut. Now, instead of it showing up in parentheses like it always has, it shows up with a little "scissors" icon and the text. I personally think it looks odd, but I mostly bring it up here so that you don't wonder what happened to the rest of the post if you look down and don't see the normal "cut". The functionality works just as usual, only the look has changed. *shrug* Not sure what prompted this change, but whatever. Onward!

Aim is important, even in refreshment


Jaguar lunch break

If you need me, I might be here.

Are those maxi-pads used as shoes? I hope you bought some sandals while you were at Wal-Mart, dear.

Growing nicely

I'll keep that in mind.

Parental pride and protection

You can really tell which is the "good" side of town, here.

Are they humping the wall?

Baby bear

Pile of littl'uns

Made for each other

Little pimpin'

So, you had no time for breakfast before class, but you had time to grab all that?

Might be time to clean out the car


Looks like fun to me

Yes, yes it is

If you don't find me at the first one, I'm probably here...and you still won't find me

First lookout

Want a BBQ but have no space on your apartment balcony? Here you are.

That's a nice way to store your system and use that old mini-fridge


Head that way, adventure awaits...

Have a great weekend!
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