God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

R.I.P. Jonathan Frid/ R.I.P. Greg Ham

...and the deaths keep on comin'.

Jonathan Frid, actor who portrayed Barnabas Collins in the ground-breaking original TV show Dark Shadows, has died. Aged 87, he made appearances at fan conventions but after Dark Shadows went off the air in 1971, Jonathan Frid said goodbye to the cameras. He did star in Oliver Stone’s directorial debut SEIZURE in 1974 as a writer haunted by his demons (manifested by Martine Beswick and Herve Villachaize!) but reportedly Frid’s experience with SEIZURE was so unpleasant, he spent the rest of his career on the stage in Canada, his home. he actually died on Friday, April 13th, which is sort of perfect. I know, he has a cameo in the upcoming Burton movie version, but I personally think seeing that hideous travesty of a film be realized is what killed him.


Greg Ham, a musician with the iconic Australian band Men at Work, was found dead in his Melbourne home on Thursday, Australian reports said. He was 58, and at this time, there is no info on the cause of death. Too bad, i always liked them.
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