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Friday Pix

I need distraction, do you? Hope so, 'cause here's this week's Friday Pix!

Happy birthday?

Suddenly, I'm not hungry.

Baby monkey!

Joining a PuG group can be rough.
*MMO geek humor, sorry to those that don't get the reference. It's still a cute pic!


I'll take this for my bathroom, please.



Wouldn't that soak up the pool?

If you need me, I'll be here.

Apparently, Debbie has a problem.

Not how I want to be remembered.


For the warrior-poets out there who wish to branch out even farther.


Beach house

I think someone might be missing the point of a deal...

I hate it when people take up two lanes.

How could you be in a bad mood with this tub to soak in?
Answer: be a big guy like me that won't fit in it comfortably, in which case it's mocking you.

Someone should take those English classes again.


Pulling up to the beach for that romantic picnic seemed like such a good idea...

Pro Tip: Cats do not like leashes, as a general rule.

Plotting revenge


Have a great weekend!
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