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Friday Pix

Once again, the post a few of you have been waiting all week for...The Friday Pix!

Gee, you don't say?



If I had the cash to buy and fix it up, I'd live here.

That price seems high for just the empty pouches...

Man's best friend

Happy dog


Is it food? Is it art? Is it yummy?


Obviously, a guy that REALLY likes aircraft

If you need me, I'll be here

Someone's grounded when he wakes up. Whether it's Daughter for the art or Mom for the picture, I dunno.


Or, you could just walk around it.

My future tomb

Door not staying closed? Improvise!

Aftermath of an epic fight

The safest neighborhood in Russia

Oh, come on, seriously?

That should keep the car safe.


Take your puppy to the beach

Flaunt it


LED display in Belgium (I think)

Selling cheap, of course.

Have a great weekend!
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