God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Since J's mom had the night off last night, she took us out to dinner last night to celebrate the new job. We debated where to go and settled on Smoke, a BBQ place that is supposed to be really good. J and I went in there once, but just got a cheesesteak sandwich, so I was looking forward to seeing how they compare.

Now, lemme just say this: I know good BBQ. I lived in Memphis for 9 years, home of the big BBQ festival each year and home to Corky's. I've eaten some of the best Texas pit BBQ ever, and know some amazing grill masters. I make my own sauce and get raves about my own BBQ. I say this to illustrate that I'm more than a little picky about BBQ, and will be the first to point out where a place didn't get it quite right.

With that said, I opted to give them quite an acid test and ordered "The Smokemaster", a sandwich of beef brisket and pulled pork with their own sauce. I figured this could make or break them in my head. It arrived, looking huge and glorious. I noticed that it was topped with coleslaw...hmm, don't recall that on the menu (but, looking back, it was there). See, I'm weird on coleslaw, too: I'm not a big fan, it's usually too odd tasting, or just too stringy. Still, the food smelled AMAZING, so I took a nibble of the meat that was over-hanging everything.

Everything goes kinda fuzzy, because I wolfed that thing down so fast. Holy cats,m that was the best BBQ I've had since I left Memphis...and maybe the best I've had EVER.

The meat was so tender it damn near melted in my mouth. Perfectly cooked. The sauce was not overpowering, like most BBQ places do, it was tasty and complimented things well, but it did not stand out or overpower. The slaw was finely diced, and carefully neutral in taste, so as to add to things instead of being bold. I kept trying to put the thing down, savor the bite I had, and make this last, but I was simply unable to stop eating. Hell, i was one step away from asking the chef to come out so I could hug him.

I cannot say enough good things about this place, and they will definitely get more of my business.
Tags: food porn

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