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Friday Pix

Even working, I'm not bailing on bringing you the Finest In Friday Fotography (I know, i know, work with me, here)...The Friday Pix!

Morning at the water

Gangsta Gramma

Yeah, I'm sure that'll hold it.

Nightmare Fuel

Good thing you padlocked that.

It's slow, but it IS coming to get you.

Faucets for Hot, Cold, Ranch, Peanut Butter, and Antifreeze


Well, guess I can't drive through THERE.

Erotic Chicken Wings

Might be time to transplant the dog from a planter to a prepared plot.


Grounded in 3...2...1...

Perhaps that pot was not rated for pasta.

If you need me, I'll be here.

Share and share alike


"Hey, guys, has anyone seen Gary? His wife's looking for him."

If you're going to have the other side launch you, you have to let go.


Even in the animal kingdom, parents yell at their kids for doing dumb things.

Oh, come on.

Aww, dinner brought it's own kindling. Anyone for squab?

Yes, she's actually taking up four seats for her stuffed animals.

The road-painting crew was on drugs today.

Have a great weekend!
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